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About A1 Auto Clinic LLC

I got my start in the auto business pretty early. I learned the fundamentals of fuel spark and compression while in kindergarten after I got my first Cox nitro-powered gas car. At age 8, I pulled a Jacobson mower from a junk pile and my dad let me borrow his tool box to try to fix it. After two weeks I had it back together and asked him to start it. He chuckled, and to his surprise it ran. We used that mower well into my high school years! By age 12 I was maintaining all the mowers in his part-time landscaping business, and tuning up our family cars.

After working with my high school buddies at keeping their cars going, I got my official start at Midas in my 20s. I eventually moved on and began working at Ford dealerships, where I became factory trained and specialized in drivability and transmissions. I became an ASE certified master truck and auto technician, and for the last 6 of the 22 years I was with Ford, I received the Ford senior master technician certification.

I started my shop in the summer of 2006 with the goal of fixing it right the first time. I accomplish my goals by keeping things honest with low rates and by helping the customer understand what is happening with their vehicle when it is in for repairs. We out-grew our first building in a year and a half! With over 640 customers we moved to a larger building three miles east and now, at the 6 and-a-half year mark, are at 3,000+ customers with a 95% referral rate!

We work on all makes and models of vehicles and also exotics like Jags, BMW, and custom built high-performance cars from the sixties and seventies. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop and say hi and check us out! If you need a repair, just call me.

God bless, and thanks for checking out our website!

Luis Scherer

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